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My greatest moments in 2010

1. Travelling through Japan:

2. Celebrating the Gorillaz live in Berlin:

3. Steve Jobs innovates the iPad at the Apple Keynote Presentation on Jan 27th:

4. Watching The Social Network by David Fincher:

5. Watching Inception by Christopher Nolan:

6. Exploring the new breathtaking features of Photoshop CS 5:

7. Watching the very final episode of LOST, and being overwhelmed and f**ing disappointed at the same time:

8. Lectoring Multimedia & Design and Content Management Systems at the FOM, Berlin:

Multimedia und Design

9. Lectoring Project Management at the DDA, Berlin and Hamburg:

Hard Skills / Soft Skills

10. Writing, recording and releasing the new Neversleep single “The End Of The World” in December with my singer and friend Niels:

The End Of The World by Neversleep