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Empathy – The Art Of Living


Die Verschrottung des Desktops

Dieser Tage steht eine der größten Veränderungen in der Computerwelt seit der Einführung der Maus ins Haus: Mit der Veröffentlichung von Windows 8, das den gewohnten Desktop von Computern zugunsten einer kachelartigen Touch-Optik abschafft, wird die Schreibtisch-Metapher nach fast 40 Jahren so gut wie zu Grabe getragen. Oder zumindest so wei [...]

Happy Birthday, CD!

Today, the Compact Disc celebrates its 30th birthday: On October, 1st, 1982, Sony published the first Compact Disc in Japan. The musical piece that marked the beginning of digitalisation of audio was the album 52nd Street by Billy Joel, the good old guy who went down in the end with analogue alcohol. The first CD was sold together with Sony&# [...]

10 Tipps für radikales Friends-Filtering auf Facebook

Sie haben bergeweise Facebook-Freunde? Der Stream von täglichen Posts rauscht nur so an Ihnen vorbei? Schwierig bis unmöglich, die relevanten Beiträge herauszufischen? Keine Zeit, alles zu lesen? Dann geht es Ihnen wie mir: Mein Facebook-Stream gleicht einem Wasserfall. Aus klarem, ereignis- und erkenntnisreichem Gebirgswasser, leider zunehme [...]

The era of possession is ending

The Archive
The old, ancient times where people collected things to keep and to possess – like records, pokemon, star wars fan stuff etc. – comes to an end now. It’s decided: Possession was yesterday. But before having a close look on how online technologies play their part in overcoming the worthfulness of possession – here comes [...]

Konichiwa, Tokyo

Tokyo Shibuya by night

Shiny CRM, punched in the face by IT

Shiny CRM
That’s the result if a shiny CRM strategy is just being punched in the face by poor IT. By the way: “500” does not mean that I’m the 500th customer who got that error, it’s just an HTTP error code saying “internal server error”. What’s the learning: Nerd stuff stays nerd stuff, even if it̵ [...]

Vertrauen in den Kunden: Warum das Internet von Supermärkten lernen sollte

Vor kurzem wurde unser Supermarkt umgebaut: Die Drehkreuze am Eingang wurden schon vor längerer Zeit abgeschafft, nun aber wurde der Eingangsbereich vergrößert und damit noch weiter geöffnet. Der Kunde bekommt das Gefühl, dass der Supermarkt darauf vertraut, dass man nichts klaut – und dafür auch keine Barriere mehr braucht. Steigen die Laden [...]

Hello again, Tokyo

I have a specific feeling, that Tokyo and me will meet again a couple of times this year. Looking forward to it… View from Tokyo City Hall, Shinshuku. Photo collage made out of approx. 200 single photographs.

Frohe Weihnachten

xmas 2011
… und einen guten Start ins neue Jahr.


Tokyo Shibuya

The future of mobility – in movies

We all know the DeLoreans, Lotus Esprits and Mustang GTs from the movies: famous and unforgettable vehicles in films that would have been half as good without these cult cars. Kill Bill without the Pussy Wagon? I Robot without the Audi RQS? Forget it. But what are the new challenges in car design for movies? (more…)

Goodbye, Cold War – Hello, Cyberwar!

After long decades of Cold War between east and west, USA and Russia, after ages of near-war-confrontations, there is now a new kind of theoretical war coming up between the superpowers: Cyberwar. Seems it has finally found its way to the Zeitgeist. (more…)

Welcome, #

Today, on October 31st 2011, is the official day where earth population has officially exceeded its limit of seven billion residents. Although it is a rather symbolic act, the seven billionth man or woman on our planet is a little Filipino baby girl named Danica May Camacho. Congratulations! (more…)

Stay hungry. Stay foolish

Stay hungry. Stay foolish
Steve Jobs talking about life. death. everything. I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a college graduation. Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That’s it. No b [...]